By our contributor: Fabiola Llanaj

Sustainability is not a simple concept to define, understand, and practice. As more and more of us get introduced to a new sustainable lifestyle, it is important that each understands how to approach sustainability with an individual touch, starting from fashion, for instance. Getting introduced to a new world, while seeking to find your signature style is not always easy and straightforward. Here are a few steps on how to find your signature style while “remaining” sustainable. 

Stage One: RESEARCH 

    1. Educate yourself on sustainable fashion 

Before jumping into a new world, it is important you understand what this new world has to offer and what you are getting yourself into. Educate yourself on what sustainability is and what sustainable brands work with (organic, natural, biodegradable fabrics; recycled pieces; or plastic free packaging). 

We will talk more in detail about sustainable fashion in further posts.


      2. Get Introduced To New Online Sustainable Brands

Research new sustainable brands and look through their websites. This is a way not only to get familiarised with the brands, but to understand what captures your eyes the most as well. Save some of the pieces you like the most, and go back to them later, when you are ready to do some shopping.


      3. Understand Your Body Type

Keep in mind that our bodies are different from any other person. Every woman is beautiful and unique in her own way, and it is good to know that what might look amazing on someone else, might not fit you the same way. Know your body type and what shape, size, fabric, colors suit you the most. It’s important to feel comfortable and confident in your own clothes.

Stage Two: ACTION 

   1. Analyze your wardrobe: give away pieces you no longer use

Take a nice afternoon for yourself and go through your existing wardrobe. Use this time and your favorite organizational technique to understand what in your wardrobe you use often, and what has been unworn for a long time. Donate the pile of clothes you have not worn in a long time, and keep in mind which pieces no longer represent your personality: it is okay for your style to change overtime.


   2. Create your new capsule: introduction of sustainable basics

Once you have gotten rid of your unnecessary piece, get ready to select some few sustainable basics for your new wardrobe/signature style. Every wardrobe should have some pieces which will serve as the foundation to build your personal style on. 


    3. Seek Perfection: Quality over Quantity 

Invest in unique sustainable pieces. Spend a bit more on something that will last you longer. I always “feel better” purchasing pieces I know will last me over time AND respect the environment. It is important to start change from little things. 


    4. Colors

Sustainable brands more often focus on basic pieces, neutral colors and light fabrics. Make sure you know how to combine those neutrals, adding a pop of color if needed. Also, do not forget to combine colors which complement well your skin tone and enhance your beautiful features, as eyes, or hair color.


    5. Well-made Accessories

Make sure you invest in a few ethically-considered, well-made accessories, starting from shoes, jewelry, handbags, and so on. Not only will well-made accessories add a nice touch to your simplistic sustainable look, lasting longer over time, but they will keep your wardrobe always up to date and trendy.


   6. Maintain Your New Style

Once you have made the first steps into your new sustainable style, make sure you maintain it over time by updating a few sustainable pieces here and there, educating yourself and others, and without indulging into fast-fashion pieces again.

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